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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  March 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. tonight a developing story. a city police officer is shot during a shoot out in northeast baltimore. we are live at shock trauma. police in montgomery make an arrest in a murder and you will never believe the identity of the suspect. and as the world keeps watching japan folks in baltimore get together to share great times for a good cause. the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> a woman's grief anger after her daughter's killer is sentenced. tonight she is getting ready to take the next step and making big accusations along the way. >> tonight we start with breaking news. a baltimore police officer shot in a shoot out with a suspect. the officer was in east baltimore in when the gun fire started. he and the suspect were hurt.
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the officer was taken to the hospital. >> reporter: that city police detective was rushed here by his fellow officers. they didn't wait for the ambulance. he had been shot in the neck but amazingly he is expected to recover. this all happened around 7:30 just south 25th street along hartford. the suspect had been riding a bike you see in the video there. three detectives were in the neighborhood in a police vehicle when they say they saw the man, thought he had a weapon, they pulled alongside, one of the detectives got out. then police say the suspect opened fire, striking the detective in the neck. the two other detectives fired back striking the suspect. this is a warm night. witnesses say there were a number of children out on the street nearby playing, riding bikes and in fact rounds struck several vehicles in the area but nobody else was hurt. the police commissioner spoke here a short time ago along with the mayor. the commissioner said the detective was in the neighborhood because he said
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the level of violence in the community has been high. >> ride around, these men are very highley trained, highley skilled and they are doing what we asked them to do, they are risking their lives to make this city safer. >> the detective is in unbelievablely good spirits, told his parents that they certainly have raised a tough son. >> reporter: as i said the bullet struck him in the neck and lodged in his lung. he is 30, his wife and daughter are also here along with his parents and he is expected to recover. the suspect, the man police say shot him was taken to the hospital where he is listed in critical condition, name of the officer or the suspect haven't been released. live at shock trauma. >> this shooting a couple months after a police officer was killed in the line of duty. the officer was in plain
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clothes when he responded to a fight at a lounge. we are told he was being beaten up and started firing his weapon. that's when other officers shot killing the officer and a 22- year-old. a review of the case is underway. a young woman responsible for a friend's death in a drunk driving crash will have to spend two years in prison. tonight the mother said she doesn't believe that the driver is sorry and is making shocking accusations. >> reporter: this morning 17 months after the crash that killed her daughter jan watched a 23-year-old receive a two year sentence. she said i'm not a bad person but i made a bad choice, shei have shared the same fate as ashley if not traded place was her. jan didn't buy it.
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>> she was sorry i think and maybe for herself because right to you she is going to prison. >> reporter: in fact jan has been savoring approximate pictures like this which show maria out drinks and she said they were taken after the crash. >> one month to the day after the crash she was out doing shots. >> reporter: prosecutors say she was out drinking three times after pling guilty to manslaughter. >> i don't understand. if i had my best friend -- a friend die and i had their blood on my hands i can't imagine not changing. >> reporter: ashley's family is suing maria along with the bar seeking millions in damages. >> she isn't going to rest until 42 exhausts every remedy that's available to her and this is just one of the remedies available. >> reporter: jan said it's a nightmare you never wake up
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from. >> every day. every day i think of her and tell her how much i love here. >> reporter: two years for the woman responsible for her daughter's death won't change that. reporting baltimore. abc news. >> charlie davis has also hurt in that crash. maria remains in her parent's custody until the sentence starts. the state tore said a man tried to threaten a prosecute era signed to his girlfriend's case. they have charged shaun johnson with obstructing justice. is he accused of threatening to to attack the man assigned to prosecute his girlfriend. if convicted he faces 13 years in prison. the latest now on the investigation into a murder at clothing store. police have arrested a suspect, the woman previously believed to be the second surviving victim. police have charged britney
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norwood with the murder of her co worker. when they came to the store last weekend murray was dead and norwood was bound and injured. she said they were look for two men but her story didn't match the evidence and evidence found in the victim's car led them straight to norwood. >> let me say loud and clear, that we have one of the best law enforcement systems anywhere in the country and you see on display the fine work with the men and women of this department. >> police say witnesses in nearby stores heard two women arguing and say there is no evidence either woman was sexually assaulted. a fast food restaurant manager shot and killed and tonight her killer on the run. a worker showed up at burger king to find the manager shot to death. police say they aren't sure if the manager was being followed by someone who learned her routine or if it was a
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spontaneous crime. the restaurant is right close to i-70 and worried that the killer could hit the road. >> anyone with information is asked to call the frederick police department. lawmakers looking at making harder punish entities for people who ignore the flashing lights of a school bus drive. drivers are asked to keep track of how many people keep driving. baltimore said there were 1700 cases in one day. a day of unbelievablely warm temperatures across maryland. it's the second to last day of winter. we break the all time record. 80 was the old record. 81 today at pwi. you see it there, frederick hit 81, dc hitting 80 and widespread upper 70s and to the
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west and across the del marva. temperatures haven't cooled off a great deal. we are still low 70s right now downtown . 68 still in annapolis. 59 in cambridge. this is what i call a very pleasantly warm night for midmarch. little wider here, the radar tracking some rain shower action out to the west right now. actually a good amount of rain through northern virginia. that chris cluster of showers passes south and east. this will continue to move i think skirting just outside of our immediate area. we will have a chance i think to dodge most of the rain. chance for isolated shower early tomorrow and then try through the day but turning cooler as winds shift out of the north. i expect this to get to 60 or so late tomorrow afternoon. we will talk act the first day of spring on sunday and look ahead to next week coming up. >> japan now accepting help from the united states to deal
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with the nuclear crisis. today marks one week since a quake hit causing a tsunami that knocked out power to a nuclear plant and officials have been working since to contain it. today they raised the level of the crisis to what we experienced here with three mile island. >> authorities in japan appear to not still have control over the situation. they are taking measures that are of desperate nature. >> rescue teams still trying to find people trapped in the debris. there are at least 6900 people dead and about 10,000 missing. it's friday and that member means happy hour. today people got to have a good time and help a good cause. a japan relief happy hour. a radio station helped make it happen. >> the show is so real in the
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morning and it's just about being honest and about -- just when something bad happens with have to band together. we have to laugh together and be able to all get together and make good difference as well. >> jackson said it started as a minor topic and little by little people stepped up and businesses stepped up to help. >> we have been tracking two folks who have been trying to make their way home from japan. chris working in a town about 60 miles from the nuclear plant. he made to tokoyo and is trying to get a flight home. daniel jacobs will hopefully get home tomorrow. she has been traveling since wednesday. if all goes as planned she will land in just a few hours. >> the woman took things in to her own hands and when she saw a man exposing herself near her
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granddaughter's school what she did to him and what he will never forget movement plus we all love our smart phone apps. you can do just about anything there. is one app that can get you arrested. another day in march is your brackett hurting? hopefully mine isn't. we have a look at who is leading in the brackett challenge and we come back in just about 60 seconds.
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. remember the man arrested in hartford for exposing himself in his car? a similar incident happened in west virginia and a 74-year-old caught the suspect in the act. he she was waiting to pick up her granddaughter when she saw it. she slugged him. the guy took off, she followed him and police took after.
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he will face fines. joan said she is just a concerned citizen movement a dog owner facing citations after a pair of pit bulling ran away and killed 20 goats. videos show them jumping the fence in to the petting zoo pen where the goats were kept. nearly all of them were hurt, half killed and most were pregnant. the owner said he doesn't know what to say. >> what do we do? they are pit pulls. what should i do? >> why didn't you keep them --. >> they were tied --. >> neighbors claim the dogs have a history of running wild. the dog was taken away from the home. a 10-year-old accused of taking cocaine to his daycare -- his area elementary school, he has been accused of giving -- it out to five students. we have the story that has parents shocked. >> reporter: a startling find at a school in down ton dc today has shifted to a criminal
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investigation inside this home. >> the good thing is he hasn't aware of what was going on. they didn't tell all the students. . >> reporter: detectives and police spent hours searching this home believed to be the home of a 4th grader who allegedly brought cocaine to school. >> i normally pick them up around 6:00 but i came and got him earlier because i wasn't sure what was going on. >> reporter: the student believed to be eight or nine found the bag of cocaine in the back of his stepfather's car when he was dropped off. officials say the boy shared it with at least five students during class. at least four of them swallowed or sniffed it, got sick and ended up in the hospital. >> they say that if we aren't sure we aren't supposed to eat it. >> reporter: a neighbor who happens to be a teach net district is stunned. >> i find it shocking, amazing that a situation like that could happen. >> reporter: the staff met with
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a number of parents. the child in question has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. >> reporter: you never know, could be poison, could be something. they didn't know anything. >> they fought overseas and came wounded, today four got the gift of better sight. now they are getting a clearer outlook. >> they say i have ptsd and -- night terrors and stuff like that from iraq. >> roadside bombs. >> i took shrapnel and might be able to clear my vision. >> reporter: their injuries vary. the thing they have in common they came in with permanent wounds, that's where the wounded warrior project comes in. their mission helps the military veterans -- they partner to give them procedures to help them see better.
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>> they are giving eir all for their country and -- the least we can do is -- sounds to good to be true. they called us in just a couple weeks. >> reporter: his wife waited. >> you do this surgery, go home and take a nap, which is great and then wake up and your vision starts getting better throughout the next few days. >> reporter: for just a few minutes they are being healed without the burden of a bill. >> it's free for them, all the drops are free, the medication are donated. >> the great thing is everybody wants to help and it's kind of hard to find unique ways of helping but for donating money and -- you know what kind of gift is perfect vision correction? that's amazing. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> for more information onto wounded warrior program we have a link to the organization on
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the website the insider will soon need a new host. laura spencer is leaving to come back to abc where she first worked more than ten years ago. she will be the lifestyle anchor for good morning america and will contribute to night line as well. she had been the insider co anchor since 2004. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. take a look at the almanac, 81 at pwi. that's our new record. the old record from 1989 had been 80 but asset new record will be at 81 in 2011. how is that for the day after saint patrick's day? take a look outside. nice looking night in the city here. we have the 69 degrees at the moment with humidity at 55%. winds are out of the west at ten and through the day today had pretty good-looking weather, mix of high thin clouds, sun, leading to a nice
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sunset at townsend west elementary, annapolis quiet night here on the river and look at the skies above -- toward sunset, that was a nice looking finish to the day as well. the radar, tell you it's amazing how must of the showers are just south of the border down through southwest suburbs of washington. not seeing rain here, current conditions temperature wise -- you see cooler air working in to extreme western maryland. most of us in the mid to upper 60s. current winds around 10 miles an hour. a little breezy, not gusty -- we will probably wake up to morning cloud before we see sun -- the chance for an early day shower will be there. most of the stuff will skirt to the west. look at this contrast. much colder air set to arrive. we are down in the 40s in
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cincinnati, hacking onto the mild air here in the midatlantic. midmarch, cold fronts tougher time pushing in. they don't live as fast as earlier in the season. we will see a cooldown no doubt. this will take a little while and you see that line of showers that moved across the central part of the midatlantic. warm air flow but will begin to change, a tough time, through 60 tomorrow. chance for a couple showers to make their way through central maryland. it's so quick and light. then we are try and into sunday looking good here. it's mostly clear conditions and i think sunday struggling to get out of the 50s. isolated shower toward daybreak but most of us won't notice
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that. 60 tomorrow, few clouds early -- tomorrow night we will feel the chill. let's check out the seven day forecast, the trend is for cooler days, when we go through the beginning of spring. ending much warmer than spring starts. next week rosie, not particularly frigid and we bring about the chance of spring source, monday toward wednesday and thursday. on the whole not bad, dry sunday weekend. >> it'll be i cooler, good day. >> basketball. >> as we if we need another excuse. >> our brackett challenge. when we last checked kelley was leading but no longer. >> beginner's luck. megan our associate prodoes deucer is in first place. >> she guessed. >> another veteran guesser.
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then jamie, kelley -- i'm in -- what am i --? >> 40th. >> jamie and kelley in third with 40. >> and lagging far behind ryan, producer and christian who was in second place last night but didn't have a great day today and they are all tied at 36 points. as for most of you many are beating our news team. four of you are tied for the lead. nine are right behind -- keep track of the bracketts, the home page at abc >> do you recycle plastic? many of us do but we will meet one who is making look easy and a bit of a more mellow day but friday wasn't without its drama. we will bring you the games.
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. here is your press box sport report. not quite as much march madness as friday's early session but not a boring day either. george mason taking on villanova. under a minute to play the patriots tie it with a slam. ensuing position, cory fisher misses the three. he would make all three foe throws. hancock with the step back three. bus johnson going nuts, pats back up by two. villanova's last chance. corey misses the three in the corner. mason getting the rebound and the slam. george mason advances, final score 61-57.
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arizona and memphis, tigers down three, 15 seconds to go. memphis steals the inbound pass. the three-pointer no good but the put back is. the lead down to one. five seconds -- memphis has to miss the second of free throw throws. the lay up is blocked. the wild cats -- the 77-75 win. . those were the early games today and the late session duke and north carolina both looked impressive. the tarheels hung 100 plus and the blue devils doubled up hampton. the biggest upset of the day. the golden eagles topped xavier. virginia commonwealth trying to block the win over the jogas.
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. finally tonight a dog who works to keep his community clean. isabella has been cleaning up plastic bottles. her owner noticed she liked to pick them up and started to are cycling. she now matches every dollar with a dollar donated to the humane society. one last look at the forecast. >> you know, what a day it was to have -- 70s, warm weather,
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warm evening still. if you are taking a late night walk looks good. upper -- 69 all over the place. it's just a mild night. 70 fairfax, the radar -- most of the rain will pass to the west, stray shower, tomorrow's drop, 60 but dry both days this weekend. just a good weekend on tap. not as warm. >> get out, walk a little bit. enjoy the weather. >> that's all for us. you can go get the latest on e website. we aren't here you go there. we will see you. >> see you next week.
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